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Exterior Painting

Whether you want to refresh the appearance, or change the exterior colors, painting the exterior of your Atlanta house can do wonders for your home. Just like our interior painting services, our exterior painting services provide both beauty and elegance, as well as protection from the elements for your Atlanta home. By painting the exterior of your home, you can add value and make a great first impression…something that realtors call ‘Curb appeal’ which is essential if you plan on selling your house!

Once you contact the Round Here Painting, we will first set up an agreed upon time to give you an estimate. At that time, we will answer any questions, and provide you with a written contract to paint the exterior of your house. We always ask that the homeowner(s) be present at the time of the estimate so that any and all concerns can be addressed. We anticipate that you may have some questions and concerns about our exterior painting services. The interaction also allows our estimators to ask questions & clarify any concerns you might have.

Exterior Service we offer:


The Painting Process:

It all starts with the surface preparation. If the surface is not properly prepared, it will have a direct effect on the longevity of the paint application. At RHP, we take great pride in ensuring that the exterior of your Atlanta home is properly prepared before there is any application of products. Here is a breakdown of how your surface area will be prepared and how the paint will be applied to your exterior.

The painting process: